About Atami Hot Spring

Atami is a hot-spring resort located in the Izu region.
It is dotted with many hotels and ryokan (Japanese-style hotels) and is considered
as one of the three best hot spring resorts in Japan.
Our onsen (hot spring) is directed from the source and is neither cooled nor
heated up in order to maintain a purity that attracts many visitors from all over the world.

[Public Bath (Onsen) Hours]
Open from 2:30pm to 10:00am the following day.
Please note: cleaning begins at 10:00am.

Atami Onsen of History

Atami Onsen is well-known for its long history; it was originally discovered about 1,500 years ago.
Atami ("hot sea") was named by locals after the water of the hot springs flowing into the surrounding sea.
In Atami, there are 7 old hot-spring sources called "Atami Nanayu" ("Seven hot springs of Atami").
They are called Nonaka-no-Yu, Sajiro-no-Yu, Furo-no-Yu, Seizaemon-no-Yu, Kawara-Yu, Oh-Yu and Kozawa-no-Yu.
The water from Seizaemon-no-Yu is being utilized at Furuya Ryokan.


Good for conditions relating to obesity and diabetes, as well as bone,
muscle and joint diseases, stomach and intestinal diseases,
respiratory conditions such as asthma, skin diseases,
high blood pressure, cardiac diseases

How to Bath in a Hot Spring

Japanese Bath Etiquette