Facilities & Services

Our various facilities such as banquet rooms, Japanese restaurant,
and bars ensure your comfort and pleasant stay.
You would feel a sense of Japanese culture in relaxed ambience of the hotel.
We look forward to welcoming you.

Banquet Hall & Bar


Banquet Halls

  • Momoyama (108 tatami mats; approx. 180 sq. meters)
  • Tatasago (40 tatami-mats; approx. 70 sq. meters)
  • Yuuraku (30 tatami mats; approx. 50 sq. meters)
  • Aioi (25 tatami mats; 45 sq. meter)
  • Akashi (20 tatami mats; 35 sq. meters)
  • Maiko (15 tatami mats; 25 sq. merters).

Momoyama as a conference room.
Capacity : 110 people

2nd floor conference room (55 sq. meters).
Capacity: 45 people

Karaoke is available on request.

"Ukita" - Japanese Restaurant

"Ukita" , Japanese restaurant is located in the premises of Furuya Ryokan. Non-guests can also enjoy dining. We exclusively use fastidious ingredients for its quality kaiseki (Japanese traditional multi-course haute cuisine). The prior reservations are compulsory. We accept only group guests and cannot serve individual guests.

Services : Morning & evening newspaper (for free), copying machine, fax, home delivery service, shops, taxi arrangement, massage, golf arrangements, arrangements for geishas, arrangements for dining companions (for group dinners only), , electric mahjong table, regular mahjong table. We accept the following credit cards: VISA, JCB, NICOS, UC, DC, DINERS, AMEX, MASTER, UFJ

About the internet connection within the building

Wireless LAN available for free in all rooms, lobbies, banquet halls and conference rooms.

Guests can connect to the internet from their own PC, tablet device, smartphone or gaming devices with Wi-Fi support. Please use it to look for tourism information, exchange business data or receive and send e-mails.

How to connect

  • We will provide you with the necessary WEB key at the front desk. Please do not hesitate to ask for it.
  • Establishing the connection and using the internet are free services.
  • We do not offer cable LAN. All our connections are wireless.

Regarding security

  • We have built a VLAN so others will not be able to have a look at the contents of the computers in other rooms. However, we cannot guarantee that this is 100% secure. Guests can set up their own firewalls in order to make use of the internet in a completely secure way. Guests are held responsible for the use they make of the internet under these conditions.

Transfer rate

  • Please understand that the speed of the transfer rate may decrease when there many guests using the internet at the same time within the building.
  • Downloading big amounts of data is prohibited, since it will cause trouble to other guests.

Sending and receiving e-mails

  • Depending on your e-mail provider, you may not be able to send or receive e-mails while using our connection. Please understand that we cannot provide any technical assistance to solve this issue.


  • Guests are held responsible for managing their own connection and related issues. Please understand that in no case we will be able to provide help for trouble connecting your device or setting up network settings, technical advice or repair settings.