What time is check-in and check-out?
Check-in is at 2:00pm and check-out is at 11:00am.
However, this may vary depending on your stay plan so please confirm with the hotel if necessary.
Is it possible to check-in earlier than 2:00pm?
It is not possible to check-in before 2:00pm, but you can check your luggage before that.
Please ask at the front desk.
Do you have a shuttle bus from Atami station?
Unfortunately, we do not have a shuttle bus service. Your options to come to our ryokan will be either on foot or by taxi. Taxies are available in front of Atami Station. Simply tell the taxi driver to take you to”Furuya Ryokan” and that should suffice. The taxi costs about 700 yen and takes only 4 minutes. If you choose to walk, it is a gentle downhill walk and it will take approximately 13 minutes. Please check our website for more detailed information regarding transportation services. Click here for transportation information
Do you have a parking area? Is it paid or free parking?
Parking is available in front of the entrance.
The parking area is free of charge and has a maximum capacity of 30 to 35 cars
Can I use the internet in the building?
We have a free LAN service available for guests at all rooms,
lobbies, banquet halls and conference rooms.
Is it possible to pay by credit card?
Payment can be made using the following credit cards: JCB, VISA, AMEX, DINERS, NICOS, DC, UC, MASTER CARD
How do I pay a cancellation fee?
Cancellation fees may be paid by bank transfer only.
If a cancellation fee is necessary, we will inform you of the details regarding our bank account.
I am allergic to a certain type of food. Can I make a request for certain dishes?
This depends on the situation. In single-item cases (such as “I can’t eat lobster” or “I can’t eat kiwi”) we may be able to accommodate your request. However, in case of allergy to a specific ingredient of a certain dish (such as wheat or soybeans) or allergy to a large range of food (such as not being able to eat fish or meat at all), unfortunately, we may not be able to accomodate your request. Please contact us by telephone in advance.

Please note that there are differences among individuals regarding allergy sensitivity.

The requested items can be largely avoided. However, we cannot guarantee that small amounts of a specific substance/ingredient will not be contained in the dishes served. Due to the limitations of a hotel business, it would be difficult to completely meet such demands. For your safety, we highly recommend that you consult with a doctor in case of severe allergy.
Can I have food that I don’t like removed from my meals?
Again, this will depend on the situation. If it is just one or two items, (cases such as “I can’t eat raw fish” or “I can’t eat eggplant”) we can handle your request. However we may not be able to meet your requirements to make changes with a wide range of food, (e.g. not being able to eat fish, meat or all ingredients served in the course meal). Please contact us for further details.
Are there any a la carte options?
Yes, there are. On our menu page you will see a list of extra dishes you can order. We look forward to serving you. Click here for the menu.
When is the latest time we can start our dinner?
Dinner is served at 7:30pm for individual guests who wish to dine in their rooms.
Q1: Are non-smoking rooms available?
There are no completely non-smoking rooms.
However, in order for us to better serve you, please inform us in advance in case you are a non-smoker.
Do you have any rooms with a scenic view?
We are terribly sorry, but we are unable to offer such rooms due to the structure of our low-storied Japanese-style hotel and it’s location in the center of the city. If a scenic view is your priority, we recommend that you check with some other hotels. That being said, we are just a three-minute walk from the beach. In addition, our hotel is very close to town and Atami Station, as well as Atami Port. You can enjoy a daytime stroll to the beach and Atami’s night life in the downtown area. Not to mention our delicious meals and relaxing hot springs!
Do you have internet access in your guest rooms?
We have a free LAN service available for guests at all rooms, lobbies, banquet halls and conference rooms.
Can I rent a humidifier?
Yes. If you think you will need one, please inform us in advance or ask our staff at the front desk.
Can I bring my own beverages?
According to the basic business regulations of Japanese-style hotels, we do not allow guests to bring in any beverages. There are some exceptions such as baby food or for guests with some other special reasons. In case of special wines, or other particular brands that we cannot provide, please call us for further inquiry. (Please be advised that extra charges may apply in the case of guests bringing their own drinks).
How many towels, amenities and yukata (nightwear kimono) are provided in each room?
We provide the items according to the number of people staying in each room.
What are the hours of operation for the large bath?
Both men’s and women’s large baths are available from 2:00pm - 10:00am (next day).
We are open all night long, so you can enjoy the onsen as much as you want.
Do you have any baths for private use?
We have no private baths, or baths for family use. If you require privacy, we recommend our guest rooms which have a private outdoor bath.
Is the water in the private outdoor baths coming directly from the hot spring source?
Yes, the water in the guest rooms’ outdoor baths is 100% natural hot-spring water, directly from the same spring source as the large baths.
How about the hot water in the regular indoor bath?
Is that from the hot spring source or simply standard water?
The water in the regular indoor baths is not from a hot spring. It is standard water.