Enjoy artistically-presented Japanese cuisine known as "kaiseki-ryori",
which is specially made with the fresh and seasonal ingredients.
Seating will be zabuton (Japanese style cushions) on a tatami floor for your meal. Some customers say their legs get uncomfortable when sitting in this Japanese style, so if you notify us before hand we can provide a table and chairs for you to sit at.

Syokuzensyu / Aperitif Home-made plum wine and roasted green tea aperitif
Sakizuke / Appetizer Goma-dofu (crushed sesame seeds boiled in water and chilled like tofu) made from Tanba milk
Zensai / Antipasto Foie gras on cracker
Salmon sushi
Firefly Squid and Kinome (leaf bud) with miso
Fatsia sprouts
Steamed horse beans with tofu, ground white sesame and white miso
Sweetfish confit
Izu new summer orange wrapped in prosciutto
Small melon with miso
Mozuku seaweed with Chinese yam
Purple sweet potato
Burdock with caviar
Suimono / Soup-type Appetizer Fat greenling
Fritters of Wakame seaweed
Udo (mountain plant)
Water shield
Double ring cut cucumber
Kinome (leaf bud)
Otsukuri / Sashimi Today's Special
Professionally and beautifully arranged sashimi
Takiawase / Mini Hot Pot Inka-no-Mezame potato
Grilled conger eel
Fritters of Yuba (Tofu skin)
Kaede-Fu (bread-like pieces of wheat gluten)
Kinome (leaf bud)
Nakazara / Mid-dish Japanese black wagyu beef grilled on an iron plate
Home-made ponzu vinegar
Japanese pepper
Shiitake mushroom
Fritters of Yuba (Tofu skin) race cake
Oshinogi / Mid-dish New born onion
Steamed urchin roe
Mango cubes
Mini scallop
Yakimono / Grilled Dish Grilled white skin tilefish Wakasa Style
Eggplant and konjak with miso
Pasted beans
Shokuji / Rice Clam rice (Contained glutinous rice)
Akadashi / Miso soup  
Kounomono / Pickles  
Mizugashi / Dessert Watermelon
Fruit bavarian cream
* The menu may be changed as it depends on the best fresh ingredients we daily receive.

The example meal (From 1st of January)
Please be noted that an actual meal that is served may vary from the one in the pictures, as it is prepared with the best and fresh ingredients of the day.

  • * The image of our Kaiseki meal is an illustrative purpose only.
  • * The listed menu may not be available, as it is prepared with the best and fresh ingredients of the day.


Taneda Kazuyoshi

We serve an authentic Japanese dishes, prepared with every effort to its details. Enjoy the superb and elegant dishes with seasonal ingredients that is served in relaxing atmosphere and heartwarming hospitality. The chef has worked in a number of restaurants in top graded hotels in Atami. He has a reputation for his authentic Japanese Kaiseki (multi-course Japanese traditional haute cuisine) and is truly committed to Japanese cuisine. The guests who are not staying in the hotel are also welcome to the Restaurant Ukita (The reservation compulsory).

Dishes with Additional Charge

Sashimi Boat (assorted sashimi)

  • For 2 people 10,000 yen (excl. tax)
  • For 3 people 13,500 yen (excl. tax)
  • For 4 people 16,000 yen (excl. tax)
  • For 5 people or more 4,000 yen × a number of people (excl. tax)

Grilled fresh Ezo Abalone from Hokkaido

Size M (about 110 g) for 1 person
3,500 yen (excl. tax)


Ezo Abalone Sashimi from Hokkaido

Size M (about 110 g) for 1 person
3,500 yen (excl. tax)


Ise Ebi (spiny lobster) Sashimi

Size L (about 500g) for 1 person
8,000 yen (excl. tax)


Grilled Ise Ebi (spiny lobster) with crispy shell

Size L (about 500g) for 1 person
8,000 yen (excl. tax)
Size M (about 250g) for 1 serving
3,500 yen (excl. tax)


Japanese Beef Teppanyaki (cooked on an iron plate)

(about 80-100g) for 1 person
2,500 yen (excl. tax)


Grilled Turban Shells

1 piece
1,200 yen (excl. tax)


Grilled overnight-dried Alfonsino

For 2 to 5 people
5,670 yen (excl. tax)


Grilled Sea Bream

For 2 to 5 people
5,000 yen (excl. tax)

  • * Advance order (preferably 1 week prior to your stay ) is required by telephone or e-mail due to limited availability
  • * The contents of the Funamori (sashimi boat) will be the chef’s choice
  • * Ingredients may be unavailable depending on the day or season
  • * Prices may vary depending on the availability of products at the market